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Increasing a small recruitment team's capacity by a factor of 4 by swapping their main operational tool
May 2020
Ludovic Mamet
This project's success inspired the first year of Linkgrow

Client Background:
     - SME in the Recruitment industry
     - Franchise of a worldwide leading multinational recruitment organization
     - Around 12 employees
     - Between US$ 400 and 500k yearly turnover (before COVID)

Following initial meetings with the client, it was identified that the main system being used was Salesforce. This was a legacy of the franchise setup.
It was quickly obvious that the tool was not adapted to their operations.

As great a tool Salesforce is, it was built for larger companies who can afford to customize the tool as their business operations evolves.
However, for such a small company, the customization cost are out of reach and after close to a decade or so following the initial setup, the tool had become a burden more the an operational leverage, and was used at merely 5% of its full potential.

Linkgrow advised to replace Salesforce with a recruitment industry specific tool that would be adapted for SMEs.
Following thorough research and a benchmark study, as well as multiple reviews and demos, the ideal candidate was chosen.
Linkgrow then helped with the migration from salesforce to the new tool and the training of users to help the team get up to cruising speed faster.
The project lasted 5 months and cost 80 hours of consulting.

The results, above expectations, as follows:
     - Recruiters job capacity increased 2 folds (from 50 jobs manageable on salesforce, to 200 jobs on the new software)
     - Professionalism improvement with a new client platform where they can view the current status of their request as well as the management of the candidates selected for them
     - Improvement of candidate experience with their own space which gave access to their professional details/skills, status of all their applications, better job matching notifications enablable when they are seeking.
     - Better work/life balance for the team members through the simplification of their process thanks to automation and removal of non value added tasks, as well as the ability to operate from any location with an internet access.
     - Investment recovery (including system migration costs and Linkgrow's consultations): 6 months of operations (through reduction of costs on non value added tasks and increase of productive hours)
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