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Went from spending 1 hour per day to refresh a cash reconciliation report to 30 seconds per day through 10 hours of consulting
April 2021
Ludovic Mamet
This project launched the second year of Linkgrow's operation and set the bar for the rest of 2021.

Client Background:
     - Medium sized company with the following activities:
          > Sugar Cane
          > Food Crop
          > Nursery
          > Landscaping
          > Leisure/events
     - Business unit of one of the top 20 group of companies of Mauritius
     - Around 50 employees
     - Between US$ 1 and 1.4 m yearly turnover

The client was in a situation where they felt their growth was held back due to their operational loads. Indeed, any additional business was starting to add to much operational pressure in a way that was not sustainable nor scalable.

They were looking for solutions to reduce the time spent on non value added tasks so they could spend time to remodel their operations.

The first step we decided to take on was to automate their reporting routine. Indeed, they have multiple types of reports being generated for multiple levels of decision making to help them with the management of their operations.
Some of these reports are run daily, others weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

We decided to focus on the most time consuming reports first.

The client uses Navision as their ERP and were generating reports by manually extracting and managing data inside Excel. They were quoting extreme figures to build a Power BI cube to be able to manage their data but it did not match their needs nor budgets.
What we did with Linkgrow, using a Microsoft environment specialized resource for the project, is to focus on ROI to justify investing any cent.

The first job we did was to evaluate the resource requirements of the various reports (how many man hours required to build), as well as the complexity of automating these reports (how many consulting hours needed to build them) so we could identify the low hanging fruits.

Here's an example of one of the high yielding jobs:
They were busy building daily cash reconciliation reports so that the accounting department could keep track of operations and cash/money movements.
The report took 1 hour per day to build.
Linkgrow required 10 consulting hours to build the automated power BI report which only needed 30 seconds instead of 1 hour to refresh on a daily basis.

This allowed the employee concerned to spend 1 hour per day on the optimization of operations which helped improve the quality of the report even further
They recovered their investment in 10 weeks (counting only the man hour saved, not accounting for the new value generated with the additional hour available)
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