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Digital Maturity Audit unlocking huge business and scaling potential
February 2022
Ludovic Mamet
The first fully fledged Digital Maturity Audit conducted by Linkgrow far surpassed our expectations. It then allowed Linkgrow to reach new levels of strategy guidance with regards to business digital maturity.

Client background:
     - Medium sized company in the paint manufacturing and retail industry
     - Business Unit of one of the top 10 group of companies in Mauritius
     - Around 100 employees
     - Between $4.3 and 4.8m yearly turnover

The client already had an above average digital maturity level when comparing to the market as they received great support from the group's HQ IT services.

However, they were eager to reach new heights and keep pushing towards embracing the 4IR. The issue being, what to do next?

This is where Linkgrow intervened. We managed to do a full company high level audit using 25 hours of consulting.

The end result:
     - About 30 digital maturity growth opportunities identified
     - Triple evaluation of the opportunities to help with prioritization (level of difficulty to implement, cost of implementation, general improvements' impact on the organization)
     - $100s of thousands in opportunities identified either through cost reduction projects, efficiency/capacity increasing projects, market share increasing projects, among others.

Example of opportunity:
Point of Sale (POS) system upgrade.
The current system is slow, bulky, and not fully adapted for high level customer service at the tills.
First we did a requirement listing workshop to be able to understand the needs and opportunities for the client.
Then a research job was launched to list and rank POS software providers through a benchmark study.
The top 3 providers were selected for an introductory demo, of which 2 were then kept for a test phase.
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