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The 4IR is coming

Time is of the essence

Imagine being able to have an easy digital transformation of your business

By preparing for the 4IR through their digital transformation, businesses are able to make use of their more structured digital infrastructure to implement new tools.

Having someone help and guide you through the selection and implementation of these tools will not only help you increase productivity and capacity, but to do so with reduced costs while making sure the implementation is smooth and efficient.

It also allows you to save time by making the right decision without compromising your focus on operations.

Linkgrow's capabilities

Helping businesses prepare for the 4IR

Linkgrow's purpose is to help organisations understand, identify the potential, and prepare for the new era that the 4IR will bring.

The goal is to be able to understand where you are at, what is the next step, and how do you get there.

Whether Linkgrow will help you find the right solutions and tools to fit your organisation, filter through the vast amount of available information and guide you to make better decisions, or even detect transition risks early and provide project management support, Linkgrow will help you prepare and conquer the 4IR.

Some of our success stories

- While working with a top tier recruitment firm over a 6 month period, Linkgrow managed to quadruple their recruiters' job capacity by identifying and implementing a hybrid tool adapted to their operations, replacing and migrating from the obsolete one they were using

- Linkgrow helped a private tuition agency cut their administrative load in half within 3 months by introducing automation tools so they could focus on their value added tasks

- Within 6 months, Linkgrow managed to triple the online traffic of a liquor store by implementing simple tools allowing the marketing team to increase their touchpoints without the need for an external agency